Advanced DSLR Photography

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This class will provide an in-depth look and training into the professional world of DSLR Photography.  We will focus on the manual operation of the camera and refining skills that you already have.  We will also look at the lighting in different situations and how to overcome obstacles regarding bad lighting scenarios.  This class is for students who are looking to take their proficient photography skills to the next level to benefit their school, community, and possibly their career.  You do not want to miss this session, especially if you are an aspiring professional photographer!!!!

 Important!!! Facilitators!!  Advanced trainings are fast paced and will assist your students to expand their projects and contribute with developing new project ideas.  Advanced trainings are very detailed with specific pre-requisites to ensure all students registered are prepared for the session; therefore, the trainers will not have time to give "one-on-one" support to students who have little to no experience.  Facilitators will be responsible for verifying their student’s level of experience.  Students that attend an advanced session and do not meet the level of experience as required will not receive credit and facilitators will not receive credit hours. 

Items to Bring:  DSLR Cameras, Flashdrive, and any DSLR accessories you may have for your camera such as:  other lenses, flash, filters, etc.

Prerequisite:  Facilitator Check List:  (1) DSLR Camera, (2) Proficient knowledge of a DSLR Camera, (3) Proficient knowledge and experience in Photoshop

Mason Kesner Tue, Jan 24, 2017 - Wed, Jan 25, 2017 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM Main Room Fayetteville Training Center Fayetteville, AR

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