Child Identification Kits

Monticello Intermediate School


Brailyn & Amia want to help kids to be safe. They researched to find that children are missing or abducted daily in Arkansas. They wanted to make sure Parents in our community were informed and how they can help protect their child. Brailyn & Amia are working with the local Health Department and Police with Child Identification Kits. These kits contain information to help the Police find children if they are abducted or lost. In the kits the parents give Personal, Dental, Physical & Medical Information of their child, place a DNA sample (a strand of hair) from their child, Insert a current photo of their child and fingerprints of their child. Officer Wesson came and showed the girls how to fingerprint children during their EAST class time. Brailyn and Amia had a booth at our Parent/Teacher Conference in February and they were able to fingerprint 48 children and share with the parents how to complete the Child Identification Kits. They plan on having a booth at local Health Fairs and Community Outreach events.