Basic Computer Classes

Star City Middle School


EAST at Star City Middle School teamed up with the Star City public library and the chamber of commerce to provide free basic computer classes to the public. Our goal was to promote and increase digital literacy and computer skills at all ages. This class was perfect for beginners and everybody who had questions about how to use a computer, smartphone, tablet, or any other device. We helped PC users who wanted to deepen their knowledge and advanced those users who already knew how to use their computer. Our class offered detailed, easy to follow instruction and one-on-one help. This class was open to any age group but ended up being a great asset to our older adult population.

The idea for this project came last year when our chamber of commerce contacted us about the need for our community members to obtain basic computer skills to be qualified for jobs in our city. We have a growing population of adults who would like to have a job in our city but do not have the computer knowledge needed. We partnered with the Star City public library and planned our basic computer class. The class began with people learning skills on the library computers. We quickly found out that many people needed help with their own devices also. With each meeting we had, more and more people were bringing their own laptops and devices. We helped many people with their computer skills and are still currently helping the chamber to prepare patrons with the computers skills they need to find entry-level employment.