Hammock Garden

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A hammock garden is a place that people can bring their hammocks to and relieve stress and relax. Our community had a lack of activities for teenagers. This was a problem because teenagers were loitering in parking lots and it is expensive for teenagers to go to the movies or go bowling every weekend. We took it upon ourselves to create a free and enjoyable environment. We researched an inexpensive activity and a favorable idea of a hammock garden. We then created a SketchUp model of our design. After creating the design, we created a poll for our student body grades 3-12, the results showed high interest in the hammock garden. We had a local construction company review our model to ensure it was safe and structurally sound. There was a new park being built in our community which seemed to be the most accessible location. We met with our city mayor to pitch our project idea. Approval from the mayor and the parks and recreation coordinator was fast coming and the project was approved for construction in McCabe Park. We now have several financial supporters to make this happen and are working with marketing the garden properly to our community.