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BITS (Bomber Information Technology Services) is a repair shop that will be opened alongside the CET (Computer Engineering Technology) class to provide students with real-world experiences repairing, upgrading, and servicing computers for real clients within the school. The goal of our project is to set up a repair shop within our school so that teachers, students, and staff will have a more affordable option to repair their technology compared to community repair shops. This will also provide a better learning experience for the students in the CET course.

We wanted to start this project because prior to this, students have been bringing in technology to repair in the CET room, but there was no proper area to work with. Because of this project, students are getting real-world experiences within the classroom using knowledge they have learned in the CET course. BITS will fill gaps in the CET course by providing real-world experiences that cannot be met by traditional classroom learning. Profits from the BITS repair shop will go back into the shop to purchase supplies. Any remaining profits will be allocated to the CET program to upgrade equipment and provide additional learning opportunities to students taking the course.