360 Virtual Tour of the Magnet Cove School District School Buildings for Magnet Cove School District Safety team, and Hot Spring County Sheriff'sDepartment, and Magnet Cove Volunteer Fire Department.

Magnet Cove High School


Community Partners: Magnet Cove School District Superintendent: Danny Thomas

Magnet Cove School District Board: President Jeff McJunkins

Vice President: Mike Hughes

Secretary: Dr. Stephanie Jones

Board Member: David Sulton

Board Member: Karen Scott

Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Office: Scott Finkbeiner

Magnet Cove Volunteer Fire Department: Chris Gains

Due to the trend of past, current, and future school safety concerns across the United States the Magnet Cove School District has updated and improved the safety and security of its buildings on campus. The Magnet Cove High School EAST program was inquired about creating a 360 Virtual Tour of the new elementary school, middle school, high school, band hall, Panther Gymnasium, Kenneth W. Hammons Stadium, Panther Baseball Field, and Panther Softball Field. The completion of the 360 virtual tour of the new elementary completes the legacy project that started 2 years ago. Seniors, Dakota Reid and Gavin Wallace are the project managers which took on this daunting challenge and researched what software and hardware the Magnet Cove High School EAST program would need in order to make this project come to fruition. They have put in countless hours taking 360 Photos on the Insta 360 Camera and using the software Kuula to put together the 360 Tour in each building.