Cane Hill Audio Tour

Lincoln Middle School


Tagline: History on the Go

Community Partner(s): Historic Cane Hill

Technologies: Affinity Designer, Garageband, Zoom H5, Audacity

GOAL: We are creating a self-guided, audio tour with Historic Cane Hill.

Inspiration: We volunteered, in September of 2022, to lead tours of Historic Cane Hill during the annual Cane Hill Festival. After the tours a student had the idea to have a digital version that anyone could do at anytime.

What is Cane Hill?:

Historic Cane Hill is a Historic Preservation site near our school.

How does it Work?:

The tour can be downloaded on your phone as an app, which guides you while providing information about the rich history of the area.

Each audio piece is a brief summary of the stop and right now and there are 14 stops.


What are we doing now?: During the school year we worked on what tour host to use, formulation of the script and uploading everything it to the host's website. Our current task, which is nearly complete, is replacing the generated, computer voice audio with student narration recorded with our Zoom H5 and processed in Audacity and Garageband.

The tour is hosted by the service and will be completed before the end of the 22-23 school year.