2019 EAST Conference Logo Competition Winner Announced!

Last Updated:7/20/2018

Anna Chaplain of Harrisburg College and Preparatory School submitted the winning design in the competition to design the logo for EAST Conference 2019, the theme for which is “EAST 360: A Revolution in Education.”


The logo features concentric green and blue circles around the theme words.

“‘EAST 360’ made me think of all around the world because EAST students have the ability to make worldwide impacts,” Anna wrote in her competition entry. The blue and green circles in the design represent Earth and Anna made them dashed to keep the design minimal and less crowded.

“When I thought about it for a while, I started to think of the dashes as ‘bumps in the road’ during projects. These line breaks are like the brain-breaks that are sometimes necessary to take when a project is getting too stressful or I cannot figure out where to go with it,” said Anna.

Anna began working on the logo design on the way home from EAST Conference 2018, sketching out designs on the notes app on her phone.

The Earth-inspired logo will be used in all EAST Conference-related digital and printed materials, including being used for the design of the tee shirt that will be given to all Conference attendees.

About EAST Conference

The EAST Conference is an annual event hosted each March by the EAST Initiative, an educational nonprofit organization that promotes technology-driven, project-based education in service to the community. Conference is a three-day event during which all EAST schools are invited to share and celebrate the work they have been doing throughout the school year. Each conference is presented with a unique theme, announced at the conclusion of the prior year’s conference, and students are invited to design a logo for the next year’s theme. Since 2006, EAST Conference has been held at the Hot Springs Convention Center.


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