New EAST Programs Announced for 2022-2023 School Year

Last Updated:5/26/2022

Eight new schools across Arkansas are creating EAST programs beginning with the upcoming school year.

The EAST Initiative is excited to announce that the following eight schools are joining the EAST Network and will start their own EAST programs in the 2022-2023 school year.

  • Arkansas Arts Academy Elementary/Middle School (Rogers, Ark.)
  • Eureka Springs Middle School
  • Maumelle Charter Middle School
  • Melbourne Elementary School
  • Melbourne High School
  • Mills Middle School (Little Rock, Ark.)
  • Norfork High School 
  • Vilonia Middle School

In EAST, these schools will now have the tools to accelerate the education of their students through the power of service and technology. Every EAST program is fully equipped with high-end technology like 3D printers, premium audio and video equipment as well as access to several pieces of software like Blenderr, ArcGIS, and the Adobe Creative Cloud.

EAST also provides additional training opportunities for its students, as all EAST students will have access to in-person student training with STEAM professionals throughout the school year. 

"We are elated to be able to provide life-changing educational experiences to the students of these new schools beginning in the upcoming school year," said Matt Dozier, the President and CEO of the EAST Initiative. "These schools worked with us to add EAST even during the pandemic when they had so many other matters pressing on them, which shows they are committed to providing their students the best education possible." 

Several of the new EAST programs are expansions within school districts that already have EAST programs. These school districts have seen the growth EAST inspires within students, and are taking steps to spread that growth across their schools.

"Eureka Springs High School, Maumelle Charter High School and Vilonia High School already have EAST programs," Dozier said. "Their administrators have seen first-hand how EAST changes the lives of their students, so they're taking the next step by now offering it to the younger generation as well."

Danny Brackett, the superintendent of the Melbourne School District, has already seen the impact EAST has had on students during his time at other schools like Har-Ber High School and Lakeside High School in Hot Springs.

"Melbourne Schools are honored to be selected to begin the EAST Initiative in Melbourne Elementary and Melbourne High School," Brackett said.  "EAST is utilizing the best practices for student achievement. The student exposure to leadership opportunities, communication training, social networking, and the latest technology is the EAST initiative. Students will learn to serve their school district, their school, their community, their region, and in some cases state and national organizations. EAST is the best project based, student centered learning environment that Melbourne students will now have a choice in which to participate. Melbourne School District is beyond excited."

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