Facilitator Friday: Karla Shaw

Last Updated:1/28/2022

This Facilitator Friday, we celebrate Karla Shaw from Gosnell Elementary School! Karla is retiring from teaching after over three decades in order to take care of her elderly mother.

The following is a note written by EAST at Gosnell Elementary School facilitator Karla Shaw, who reflects on her 32 years as an educator and her time as an EAST Facilitator.

In my time as EAST Facilitator, I’ve learned so much about myself as an educator and a person. I can definitely say it’s been the most challenging yet rewarding job I’ve ever had. Seeing my kids grow as thinkers, communicators, and citizens has been fulfilling beyond what I ever expected!

I tell them all the time that I LEARN more from watching them work on projects, learn technology and work through challenges than I could ever teach them. We end each class period with me saying, “Remember to be awesome today! Love you, bye!” I hope they’ll always remember those words. 

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