EAST Students Receiving Scholarships Honored at EAST HQ

Last Updated:10/5/2021

EAST Students David Saavedra and Ella Layton were honored at EAST HQ in August.

From its inception, EAST has worked tirelessly to serve students by offering real-life skills that will lead them to success in the classroom and beyond. EAST transforms schools and communities by empowering people with technology, encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and engaging them in positive, real-world experiences. We advocate lifelong learning and community service. Through EAST, participants become positive agents of change to improve the world around them.

The EAST Student Scholarship was created and funded through the EAST staff and Directors’ generosity. EAST consistently seeks new ways to offer opportunities to students and put them on a path of success. Today, with additional supporters, the scholarship funds continue to grow and will support more students for years to come.

The first-ever recipient of this scholarship is David Saavedra of EAST at Clinton High School in Clinton, Arkansas. He will continue his STEAM education by attending Bluegrass Community & Technical College this Fall. David had this to say about his experience at EAST, “EAST has helped me by teaching me how to talk to clients professionally, write emails, giving me real-world problems that I can apply solutions to, and practice my skills. David’s EAST facilitator, Jennifer Fleming, said of David, “During his time in EAST, he has created brochures, banners, signs, advertisements, logos, and other marketing materials for CHS EAST as well as several clients from a variety of EAST projects. David possesses the work ethic, talent, and drive for success that far exceeds that of most adults.”

The second scholarship to be awarded and recognized at the reception is the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas’ Dr. Mary Lowe Good Legacy Scholarship which benefits an EAST student. Throughout her career, Dr. Good was an advocate for quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education on every level as well as a firm promoter of women in STEM. It is the goal of the members of the Women's Foundation of Arkansas to continue the legacy of Dr. Mary Lowe Good by financially assisting a young woman who is looking to continue making daring strides and advancements in the STEAM field. 

This year’s recipient of the Dr. Mary Lowe Good Legacy Scholarship is Ella Layton of EAST at Valley View HIgh School in Jonesboro, Arkansas.  Ella’s EAST Facilitator, Ashlea McAlister said, “Ella carries herself in a polite, respectable manner, and I am confident she will continue to do great things. During my teacher-student relationship with Ella I have witnessed a mature individual who shows up earlier, stays later, and works harder than most of her peers.” 

Ella is looking forward to attending the University of Arkansas at Fayetteville. She said recently, “Seeing an EAST program in every school is a dream of mine because of the way EAST has affected me and what being in EAST can teach people. I will continue Dr. Good’s legacy by completing the education necessary for my dream of having a career in STEM.”

Thanks to donors and supporters of EAST,  scholarships will continue to support future students like Ella and David.

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