Allies Inspire Change

Last Updated:7/1/2020

Become an Ally with EAST

Join EAST and be an Ally.

Internally, EAST has begun a conversation of support and camaraderie as the world faces two very different challenges, COVID-19 and the unequal treatment of members of our ever-expanding community. While conversations surrounding the support EAST can offer in both regards have just begun, we call on the strength of our mission statement and our brand promise to guide our actions of enlightenment and empowerment.

We are committed to helping students, facilitators, staff, and administrators find their voice as an ally for their chosen cause. The change we look to inspire will begin with intentional education, continue with courageous conversations, and advance with actions of equity. EAST, a  network of change agents challenging others to explore, develop, and improve the world around them.

What is an Ally…

Allies take ownership.

Allies disrupt the norm.

Allies don’t accept the status quo when it negatively affects members of their community.

Allies offer support and a safe space to navigate challenges and emotions no matter how difficult the topic.

Allies work toward respect, equity, and harmony.

Allies inspire change.

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