Last Updated:3/1/2021

Click here and register to attend Vision Building to learn how to get EAST at your school!

This year, because of COVID, all workshops will be virtual through Zoom, and since no one will have to travel for the workshops, we are holding them on two different dates: February 16th and February 18th. There will be two sessions to choose from each day: a 9:00 AM session and a 1:00 PM session. Hopefully, one of the sessions will fit into your schedule! I've provided a link below to the Commissioner's Memo that will be out soon - you just have a little bit of a headstart! 

Attendees for the workshop should include a building-level administrator. It would be best to also include a district-level administrator, your technology coordinator, your counselor or whoever is responsible for scheduling students, and a teacher if you already have someone in mind for EAST. If you would like other stakeholders to attend, that is perfectly fine with us! The more support a school has, the stronger the foundation will be. If your school does have multiple attendees, you do not all have to attend the same workshop session. We want you to make it fit your schedules! Applications for the DESE-EAST Grant will be shared immediately after the workshop. 

To register, please complete this form: EAST VISION BUILDING REGISTRATION

Commissioner's Memo Link:

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