From its inception, EAST has worked tirelessly to serve students by offering real-life skills that will lead them to success in the classroom and beyond. EAST transforms schools and communities by empowering people with technology, encouraging critical thinking and creative problem-solving, and engaging them in positive, real-world experiences. We advocate lifelong learning and community service. Through EAST, participants become positive agents of change to improve the world around them.

We consistently seek new ways to offer opportunities to students and put them on a path of success. The EAST Student Scholarship was created and funded through the EAST staff and Directors’ generosity. Today, with the addition of other funders the scholarship funds continue to grow and can support more students for years to come.

In 2021, the first EAST Student Scholarship was awarded to a deserving student who impacted their community in a significant way. EAST continues to champion the desire for higher education while also helping alleviate financial challenges that far too often prohibit students in achieving their goals.

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  1. Eligibility. Graduating seniors who attended any high school with an EAST program and were an active participant for at least one academic year. Must be accepted to two or four-year college or university, or a recognized trade school or vocational program. Must have completed a minimum of 100 hours of community service as a part of their participation in an EAST program during high school.
  2. Criteria. Proof of impact of the student’s community involvement. Proof of the amount of time dedicated to EAST. Recommendation of someone familiar with your work in EAST (e.g. facilitator, administrator, community partner, etc.). Digital examples of EAST work (photos, videos, links to articles, etc.) An essay describing how you will continue to carry the EAST foundations of problem-solving, community service, the innovative use of technology, and collaboration with you as you continue your education and plan for your professional life.
  3. Manner of Selection. Scholarship recipients are selected by an independent advisory committee appointed by EAST Initiative. The advisory committee will recommend the recipient to the Arkansas Community Foundation by April 1 of each year. The final approval of the recipient will be made by the Arkansas Community Foundation.
  4. Use of Scholarship. Scholarships may be used to attend two and four-year colleges, universities, and trade or vocational schools all in the US and will be applied to the recipient’s cost of attendance.
  5. Amount of Scholarship. The set amount of $1,000.
  6. Renewability. The award is not renewable.