Well Fed App

Washington Junior High School


At the beginning of the school year a parent reached out to our EAST Classroom with a need. Her son has a feeding tube that runs 24/7 and without warning it turns off and her son would not get the nutrition that he needs. Our group of our EAST girls stepped up to the challenge. They first met with the client and started learning about the feeding tube, the pump, and the needs of the parent. After several meetings they decided that they would great an app "Well Fed" that would monitor the feeding tube and then alert the patient and the parent if the device turned off.

Their next steps were to learn how to create and app. After several months of online training and meeting with the client our team created the app "Well Fed". The app connects to the users phone via bluetooth and sends notifications about the feeding tube. Our group is currently taking the next step to work with the feeding tube company to develop a sensor that would connect with the app and the feeding tube so that other users can get this benefit. Finally the app will soon be available on the Google Play Store so that others can download the app for support with their feeding tube system.