End the Uyghur Genocide

Searcy High School


End the Uyghur Genocide is a youth-led activist project centered around ending the Uyghur Genocide happening in Xinjiang, China. The mission of the project is to enact legislative and cultural change through education and art to raise awareness and action. We have several active social media platforms, have a hosted an educational event, created an original short film/play inspired by a true story, and are currently drafting legislation for the Arkansas Legislature through Citizens First Congress.

Community Partners:

Citizen's First Congress, Arkansas Youth Coalition for Social Change, the Uyghur Human Rights Project, the Athenai Institute


The Uyghur people along with other ethnic groups that are being oppressed in Xinjiang, China

Our mission is to bring international attention to the genocide against the Uyghur and other populations in XinJiang, China. We hope to educate, enact legislative and cultural change, and promote justice. We are passionate about giving voices to those who cannot speak out and we hope to continue until the oppressed are given the security, freedom, and peace everyone is entitled to.