SEM (School Emergency Map)

Mountain View High School


We were approached at the end of March by our School Resource Officers about the need for a to-scale map of our campuses. They have simple maps that we have used in the past, but they are all uniform without consideration of size. They needed something that was more realistic to use in the chance they did have an emergency. I presented it to a group of students who jumped at the idea of creating a map. They also went a step further, wanting to create a 3D model of the school campuses to be kept in the SRO office in case of emergency. The group of seniors spent a day or two planning and gathering materials and went to work. They measured every room and building on our Elementary, Middle, and High School campuses. They have recorded everything and now have handed it off to underclassmen to create the map since they are no longer in school. The underclassmen have taken off full force learning the ins and outs of SketchUp to develop the map as well as finding another teacher who could explain to them how to work the 3D printer. We have had to get parts to fix the printer, and they have been busy browsing YouTube to find out how to fix the issues. The underclassmen are currently halfway through developing the map and have test printed a couple of test objects, so they will be ready when the map gets finished.

The students have worked with the School Resource Officers, Administration for each campus, and the band teacher to learn 3D printing and have presented the project before the school board.

They have currently been working on the project for six weeks, and it looks to be completed sometime early next year if it isn't finished by the end of this year. Their goal is to for sure have the map finished for the resource officers even if the printing goes into the next school year.