"A Day in the Life of a Student during COVID" video series

eStem Junior High Public Charter School


Problem: Need to document this strange school year in the time of a global pandemic.

Client / Target Audience: Future historians

Solution: In this project, students gave us a glimpse into their life doing school virtually during a global pandemic. Some chronicled a full day, while others looked at how aspects of life are different in this “new normal.”

Technology (hardware/software) Used: Smart phones, cameras, tripods, mobile editing apps, iMovie, Lightworks, Audacity.

Student Growth: This project worked well for many of our classmates working from home. They didn’t have access to the EAST equipment, so they relied on their smartphones and laptops along with open source video editing software.

Teamwork: Although students worked mostly solo on this project, they did peer review each other’s work.

Next Steps: Figure out how to best preserve the collection of videos for posterity.

See all the videos in this series on our class YouTube channel: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLec70lsFIHrKpUSJ9DjKHWmRzZxBKV_mF