National Service Project 2016 - 2017: Strengthening Foundations of Learning

Each year, the EAST Initiative chooses a National Service Project (NSP) with the hope to challenge and inspire students to take on projects with a common focus. In years past the theme chosen for NSP has presented ideas as varied as energy, supporting American troops and their families, and, most recently, challenging programs to get out of the classroom and into their communities.

In the coming year, the NSP will challenge EAST programs to develop projects designed to strengthen the foundations of learning. EAST projects should feature the sophisticated integration of technology to promote learning in a variety of different communities.

Some areas of focus could include:

  • Promoting literacy at all ages
  • Increases digital literacy and computer skills
  • Teaching job skills
  • Creating or expanding before- and after-school enrichment programs
  • Offering adult education
  • Introducing coding to new learners

These are simply a few general ideas for projects. The only limitation is the ingenuity of students to apply their skills to promoting education, particularly in nontraditional learning communities — that is, outside of school.

Much like a house, an education is both an investment and a shelter. But without the proper foundation, that structure may prove insufficient. The intent of this year’s NSP is to challenge programs to consider the pillars upon which an education is built and find ways to fortify them and thus to strengthen the foundations of learning.

Where should I start?

We think that the best place to start strengthening the foundations of learning is by working together to identify problems and partners. Perhaps some of these questions will help you get started. Also, don’t forget to check out some of the links on the right side of the page.

  • Think back to when you were younger. What were some of the difficult topics for you to master?
  • Does anyone at your school collect data on learning? Where are your students strong or weak?
  • Are there any programs in your school that are working to solve these issues…. What can your EAST class do to help them complete their mission?
  • Are there any programs in your community working to solve these issues? Could you call them and invite them to come speak with your class about some of their problems?
  • Does your county have a literacy council?
  • Does your local university offer any adult educational programs?
  • Can technology be used to help people learn?
  • Do you know anyone with special educational needs? Is there something EAST can do to help them learn?
  • Are there some statistics that show an educational need in your area?
  • Does the after school program you are a part of ever use technology?
  • What makes it harder for people to participate in the programs that already exist? Do you have a way to make it easier?
  • Are there local businesses that train their employees for safety, or to use technology that you have in your classroom? Could they use some videos, online resources, etc. made by EAST students?
  • What can you do to help expand programs that are already doing good work?
  • Does something need to be done at the state or national level to strengthen education?
  • Do people in your area have a place to go and learn?

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