Watson Chapel EAST Knows News!


Watson Chapel EAST Knows News!
8/15/2013 4:02:14 PM

Watson Chapel High School students produce a weekly news broadcast for their school.

W.C.N. (Watson Chapel News)

Each week, the students of Watson Chapel High School EAST work together to produce a weekly news broadcast. Every Friday, each classroom is able to watch the news, which averages about 12 minutes.

The W.C.N. originally began in January, 2010 as The Wildcat Scoop. As we were getting used to the different technologies used, we would switch anchors each week and have new stories to go along with the anchors. As the new school year began we realized it would be much more organized if we had a set news cast that would do the same task each week, just with new, up to date stories.

First off, we have two main guys that work on getting everything for the news put together and burned to a disk so that it is ready first thing Friday morning, Jonathon and Rhett. Jonathon took over the project at the end of last school year when the former project leader graduated. Jonathon  films and does most of the editing in Final Cut Pro. He also uses Adobe After Effects. Rhett is Jonathon's right hand man and takes photos, films the things that Jonathon can't and edits pictures in Photoshop. Rhett also specializes in Graphic Design in Photoshop.

While Jonathon and Rhett are the main people needed for the news to happen, it couldn't be done without the help of everyone else who lends a helping hand and goes out during their lunch break to interview other students, as well as teachers.

Second, we have two set news anchors that introduce stories and topics that will be discussed throughout the broadcast. We also have one person that does the Hot Topic story and two people who do the Word Of the Week story and skit. Various students are asked to do voice-overs or be stand-ins when needed. If it wasn’t for the students and faculty of Watson Chapel High School, there would be no news and no stories.

Finally, we started off this school year with televisions in almost every classroom, allowing every class to watch the news. If one class doesn’t have a TV, students have permission to go into the class closest to them and stand quietly and watch the news with that particular class. There is also a brand new 42-inch flat screen TV outside our high school campus library for parents to view news broadcasts. The news plays constantly on this screen for any visitors, before it is uploaded onto Youtube.

If you have any questions on this particular project, feel free to e-mail us at

rbickley.east@gmail.com or jbritt.east@gmail.com or rmelton.east@gmail.com



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