National Service Project


National Service Project
8/15/2013 4:02:31 PM

A message from Matt Vidulich of the USO, recipient of the EAST 2010-2011 National Service Project.

Greetings EAST Students!

Welcome back to school! As you may be aware, the USO has been designated as the beneficiary of the EAST 2010/2011 National Service Project.  We at the USO are incredibly excited that you have chosen to support our mission which means you are really supporting our troops and their families.

As you begin to plan your projects the question “Who is the USO?” will likely cross your mind.  Your EAST Advisors and I will be able to provide you information to help answer this question as a supplement to your own research.  However, I would like to start you off with one point that I think ties it all together… the USO does not simply support the troops.  What I mean when I refer to troops is Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reservists, and Coast Guard etc.

Individuals in these branches are all beneficiaries of the work of the USO, however: interwoven throughout each of them, among the many men and women currently enlisted, is a network of families who are affected in their own way by the deployment of their loved ones.  In order to effectively support the troops, we must also ensure that the families of those troops are supported and cared for as well.

I know many of you have family members or someone from your community who is currently deployed or has been deployed at some point.  In fact, some of your classmates may be among the next to join the military and begin their service.  We need to do everything we can to make sure that they know we have their backs.  The projects you will be taking on help us to achieve this goal.

We realize that your primary mission is not to raise money for worthy cause; however, we also realize that many of your projects will result in a tremendous increase in both the awareness of the USO mission and the critical need for donations to support this mission.  While every type of service project you may think of will ultimately help support the troops and their families, please keep in mind that the most critical and immediate way to support to the troops is by mobilizing our communities to provide these critical funds.  To make sure that the troops currently deployed continue to receive the highest level of services provided by the USO, this is vital.  There are a variety of ways in which you can do this and I will be happy to provide advice and support as to how you can be successful along the way. Everyone else helps us by raising money; we want you to do more.  We are excited to see the results of your innovative USO/EAST Projects.

I know you will undoubtedly be very creative, and devise a USO service project that will have a lasting impact in your community.  Your EAST Advisors, the EAST Staff and the USO will be there with you every step of the way to provide you the support and resources you need to achieve and exceed in your goals.

Thank you for choosing to support the troops and their families.  They are extremely grateful.  We cannot wait to see what you come up with…


Matt Vidulich



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