Dardanelle EAST Students Attend Teen Leadership Summit


Dardanelle EAST Students Attend Teen Leadership Summit
8/15/2013 4:03:18 PM

Students collaborating to face teen issues of distracted driving in today’s world.

DHS EAST students Teddy, Justin, Tanner, Tyler, and Chloe recently attended a Teen Leadership Summit sponsored by the River Valley Prevention Coalition and Allstate Insurance. The two-day summit focused on a community effort to help students stop risky behavior such as underage drinking and distracted driving, with students leading the effort.

In an interview with a local newspaper, EAST student Tanner said he hadn't known about the Teen Leadership Summit until he was invited to join his school’s coalition this year. After learning more about distracted driving issues facing teens, he said he was excited to begin the program in his high school. “I think other schools had good ideas that could work in Dardanelle. It’s nice being able to interact with other students from other schools.” At the end of the meeting, students shared their plans to address these issues in their respective schools.

Armed with excellent information from the meeting, DHS EAST students are planning several projects relating to the issues raised at the summit. Chloe, Kate, and Jessica are developing a “Don’t Drive While Intexticated” program that refers to distracted driving and texting. Tanner, Haley, Elon, and Justin are creating an S.A.U.D. (Students Against Underage Drinking coalition) public service announcement to increase public awareness of teen drinking and driving. Other students developing related projects are Sabrina and Brittany, who are working a project for Red Ribbon Week at the end of October, which focuses on creating awareness of teen drug use.


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