Harrisburg High School EAST Completes Technology Camp


Harrisburg High School EAST Completes Technology Camp
8/15/2013 4:20:27 PM

High-schoolers pass on recently received video production knowledge to younger students.

The Harrisburg High School EAST program was recently awarded an EETT grant from the Southeast Arkansas Educational Cooperative and made possible through ARRA funding for video production training, as well as equipment valued at over $10,000.

During May, four HHS EAST students and their facilitator attended a three-day training at the EAST taining center in Little Rock, Arkansas to familiarize themselves with the new gear and learn how to use it.

As a grant requirement, the newly-trained students conducted a technology camp July 26th-30th for students in grades 5-7 at Harrisburg High School. Students learned how to use a professional video camera and Final Cut Pro editing software. Lighting and audio were also covered during the week for the 20 students attending the camp.

Monday, August 2, the technology camp students presented a movie made during the camp at Parent Night. Over 40 people attended this wonderful event and praised the EAST students for their outstanding work.






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