EAST Students Film Legislative Session


EAST Students Film Legislative Session
8/15/2013 4:25:12 PM

Student film-makers respond to request by the Arkansas Dept. of Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services.

Little Rock, Ar. - North Pulaski High School EAST students Miranda and Faye filmed a state legislative session at the Capitol for the Silver Haired Legislative Session body on Wednesday and Thursday, Aug. 25-26. The Department of Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services and the Silver Haired group had contacted the North Pulaski EAST program for assistance in creating a video for training future participants in the legislative sessions.

Both students not only used their advanced skills in video production, but also got to witness the democratic process.

“I felt like a professional creating a documentary,” said Faye, a 12th grader and 4th year EAST program student, “All of the Silver Haired delegates were very enthusiastic about us being there. I think they were surprised to see such young people using the equipment.” Both students are now working to compile two days of film to create a training video for the Silver Haired Group to use at their training sessions. Over the two days, the students interviewed the Senior citizens acting as delegates, filmed committee meetings, and filmed the mock-House of Representatives session. Additionally, the students met many elected officials and observed the mock-delegates discuss issues relevant to Arkansas' Senior citizens. Miranda, also a 12th grader, added, “it was neat to see the delegates in action; it made all of my Civic class lessons come to life. Governor Mike Beebe was even there!”

The Silver Haired Legislative Session was comprised of Arkansan delegates who are at least 60 years old at the Seventeenth Biennial Silver Haired Legislative Session which took place on August 25 -26, 2010. Delegates acted as legislators in this non-partisan session by writing, debating, and voting on bills addressing issues critical to older Arkansans. The session is organized by The Department of Human Services Division of Aging and Adult Services.

Both high school students are in North Pulaski’s EAST program, a student-driven service project class that utilizes teamwork and cutting-edge technology. “We will be using Apple’s Final Cut Pro to edit and finish the video. That’s the same software Hollywood uses to edit their movies.” Faye was trained with the program’s new camera, sound equipment, and editing software last spring and is eager to utilize her skills. Miranda has been learning techniques from Faye. The students plan on completing the video by the end of September. In October, the two students will premiere their video at the Conference for Aging Citizens in Hot Springs, Arkansas.


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