The Big Help Grant Program


8/15/2013 4:25:45 PM

Nickelodeon awarding grants toward a million acts of help.

Throughout 2010, Nickelodeon will award $1M in grants to schools and
community organizations enabling kids around the country to achieve the goal
of a million acts of help. The Big Help Grant Program will support projects
that inspire kids to (1) take care of the environment; (2) lead active,
healthy lives; (3) engage in community service; or (4) improve their
educational experience.

*    Through 2010, eligible schools and community-based organizations can
apply for one of two funding opportunities:

1.    A $2,500 grant
2.    A $5,000 matching grant. To request $5,000, an applicant must provide
a dollar-to-dollar match ($10,000+ total project budget).

*    Verification/documentation/proof of match the from another sponsor or
funding source will need to be submitted in the application
<> .

*    Adults complete the application
<>  available on this site. Kids include essays and/or artwork
explaining why this project is important to them and their school, club,
after-school program, or community.

*    Funds must be used to support the proposed project outlined in the
<> .

*    Application
<>  deadline - December 31, 2010
who is eligible?

*    Elementary schools and middle schools grades K-9 (public and private
not-for-profit) and after-school community-based organizations with 501(c)(3)
status serving kids age 5-15
*    Nickelodeon's The Big Help Grant Program is committed to reaching the
broadest and most diverse group of funding candidates possible. We encourage
<>  from urban, rural, and suburban areas, and from small and large
community-based organizations serving all ethnicities.
*    Applications
<>  with creative vision are a plus!


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