A Community Success Story with an EAST Connection


A Community Success Story with an EAST Connection
8/15/2013 4:44:51 PM

Rose Bud EAST student spurs a major community improvement.

Do you ever get stressed because a project is not going as fast as you want it to or because you’re not seeing the results you want? Well, Rose Bud EAST has a story proving that perseverance and patience pay off.

Three years ago, Brock Avery, a senior EAST student, had finished conducting a pee-wee football camp for our elementary school. Mrs. Baker, his facilitator, asked Brock what he was going to do next. Brock said, “Well, you know Mrs. B., I think I am going to call the mayor and see about getting a sewer system for Rose Bud.” And he did just that!

Brock began by meeting with the mayor to see what was needed to get a sewer system in place. That got the ball rolling. Brock, the mayor and some city council members travelled to Bethel Heights, three hours away, to look at their new sewer system and see if it would work for our small town. Next, Brock began meeting with representatives from Chesapeake Energy who helped write the bond issues that would need to be passed in order to pay for the system. But wait, that means politics! Having a bond issue means an election and convincing people that the bond issue and a new tax will be good for them…

To help with the convincing, Brock secured letters from Sonic and Dollar General stating that if Rose Bud put in a sewer system, they would bring their businesses to the area. Even though he had his ducks in a row, convincing a town that had always been without a sewer system that they now needed one could prove to be difficult. But Brock was determined to get the job done, and along with the mayor and city council, held town hall meetings to inform the public about the project and how the bond issue and the tax would pay for it.

But Brock didn't stop there. He got out the phone book and began calling every person with a listed phone number in Rose Bud, personally delivering the same message communicated at the town hall meetings. The result: everything passed in the election, and the mayor happily called Brock to let him know!

Since then, Brock has graduated and gone on to college. In the meantime, a lot of work has been done to make the sewer system happen. After two years of “seeing nothing happen”, Brock's hard work and dedication are finally paying off! At the end of May, Dollar General broke ground across from the school campus, and Sonic is coming next!

Perhaps it was Brock’s EAST experience that gave him the confidence and perseverance to undertake such a large and complicated project. Whatever the reason for his success, his story does illustrate the passion to solve problems that EAST students possess. It also proves that patience really is a virtue. If a project is REALLY worth it, you do whatever it takes... Even if you don’t see the results for two years!



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