Brookland EAST Goes Into Outer Space


Brookland EAST Goes Into Outer Space
8/15/2013 4:45:17 PM

Brookland EAST and GT students host space expo at Brookland Middle School.

Approximately 100 parents, students and school personnel attended the unique event on May 24, which featured a variety of space-themed projects and exhibits.

EAST students displayed an IMAX-style video they had created, simulating take-off in a space shuttle and flying through space. Other exhibits included videos on topics such as the moon, sun and eclipses. Books and student-designed posters were displayed in the hallways. EAST students also created a paper rocket and a fly-through of the planets using Google Sketchup. Who Wants to Be a Space Camper?, a game created by the students, was hosted by EAST student Caleb.

Other exhibits allowed participants find out how much they would weigh on the moon, make paper rockets, visit a replica of the moon and take a space quiz. The night ended with a rocket launch by the GT students.




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