Audubon STEM Leadership Academy June 14-18, 2010


8/15/2013 4:52:56 PM

Teachers to share and develop STEM skills at Audubon Center field lab.

WHO SHOULD APPLY? Upper elementary and secondary teachers who wish to share and develop STEM skills in projects that engage, motivate, and empower students. The Academy will foster relationships that extend beyond training and encourage mentoring across school and district boundaries.  Individuals and teams of teachers are encouraged to apply with multi-disciplinary partnerships welcome.

WHAT WILL THE ACADEMY PARTICIPANTS DO?  Educators will: become part of citizen science teams who explore natural environments and focus on projects that link their students to their local community, their region, and the globe. The goals of the academy include: 

  • Provide field expertise, professional mentors, and peer collaborators.
  • Develop projects that integrate technology (GIS/GPS, photography, videography,  water/weather/soil assessment, dichotomous keys and field guides),
  • Collect, record, analyze, and interpret data (science journal, data files, etc.)
  • Observe the natural and built community to identify problems, formulate hypothesis,
  • Share personal expertise and skills
  • Work across disciplines to link language, art, history, etc.  
  • Develop strategies that illustrate multiple AR curriculum frameworks and address biology deficiencies.

WHERE WILL THE ACADEMY BE HELD?  The Audubon Center field lab in located in a green building (insulated with straw) with other green features.  The 450 acre field site will be the site of training in glade, forest, grassland, and wetland habitats.  Participating teachers and their students will participate in on-going research and events mentored by scientists, engineers, and other professionals.  Post-workshop events will involve educators and their students in science projects and events that include Habitat Workshops, Bio-Blitz events, and conference presentations.            

HOW WILL THE EDUCATORS BE CHOSEN?  Twenty-five educators will be invited to attend and participate. Applications from upper elementary, middle, and high school teachers will be accepted.  Applicants should want to increase hands-on STEM skills, be willing to work on collaborative projects, and be willing to lead, be creative, and motivate students. The Academy seeks to engage diverse and underserved communities and be resource for on-going projects at their school and at the Audubon Center and across the state.   The workshop will require moderate physical activity (ability to walk on uneven ground for a mile) and durable, outdoor clothing. 

CONTACT:  Mary M. Smith, Director of Education, Audubon Arkansas, 4500 Springer Blvd. LR, AR 72206   501-244-2229    



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