Summer Opportunity for Educators to Create Podcasts!!


8/15/2013 4:55:06 PM

Purchased service contracts available for Arkansas on iTunes U.

Arkansas on iTunes U is seeking providers to create educational podcasts suitable for publication on iTunes U.  If you are interested in working this summer to create podcasts, you may submit a brief proposal and demo track no later than June 4, 2010. Podcasts should be innovative and be the creator’s original work. Strong applicants will be offered a contract to produce tracks through July 20.

Project Timeline

May 25:           Informational webinar @ 4:00 p.m.*

June 4:            Deadline to submit demo track, proposal, and signed statement of assurance.

June 8:            Purchased Service Contracts issued.

July 20:            All tracks must be uploaded for review.

About Arkansas on iTunes U
Arkansas on iTunes U is the latest initiative in Arkansas designed to extend learning beyond the classroom.  We are one of the many universities, state agencies, and not-for-profit cultural institutions to distribute educational media to the world for free through iTunes U. With iTunes U, interested users can “learn on the go” by downloading audio and video content onto a mobile device or any computer with Internet access.

Our mission is to promote the distribution of educational media for students, educators, and the public, foster the innovation of students and educators as they create content for audiences beyond the classroom, and make a variety of learning experiences accessible on demand.  

When students download and play tracks related to courses they are studying, iTunes U works with the classroom teacher to maximize instructional impact. Teachers can use video and audio tracks in iTunes U for engagement – allowing students to engage with a topic, activate background knowledge, and come to class motivated to learn. They can use these tracks for reteaching – helping students to reinforce a key concept and clarify misconceptions so that they can have that “aha” moment and move forward in their learning. Students can also select and use tracks strategically to explore connections and applications that enrich their learning.  iTunes U, a universal platform that provides access to a wealth of educational content, makes it easy for users to take control of their own learning. See the Arkansas demo site at

*To get the link for the informational webinar, email

Arkansas on iTunes U Purchased Service Contract Proposal
Include the following elements in your proposal. Email to no later than 3:00 p.m. CST on June 4, 2010.

Provider Information
1.1    Your name
1.2    Full contact information
1.3    Current employer and job title

Podcast Demo Track
2.1        Descriptive track title
2.2        Year created
2.3        Focus: What essential question does the track strive to address?
2.4        Relevance: Cite the content standards addressed.  Explain: For whom will this track be especially useful? How broad might be its appeal?
2.5        Originality: What makes your approach to the topic unique? How does your track add to what already exists on iTunes U in this topic area?

Proposed Tracks
3.1    Titles and descriptions of the podcasts you propose to develop. Also specify whether they are going to be audio, enhanced audio/screencast, or video tracks.
3.2    Focus: What essential question do the individual tracks (or the entire podcast series) strive     to address?
3.3    Relevance: Cite the content standards to be addressed.
3.4    Originality: What makes your approach to the topic unique? How does your course add to what already exists on iTunes U in this topic area?
3.5    Podcast format: Describe your innovative approach to digital media and specific means for creating effective, engaging tracks that make use of the podcasting format.

Uploading the Demo Track

To be eligible, upload your demo track no later than June 4, 2010. Email for instructions.

File Type and Size
Currently, Arkansas on iTunes U only accepts files for upload that are less than 150 MB. Audio files must be either AAC or MP3 with appropriate file extensions (.m4a, .mp3). Video files must have file extensions .mp4, .m4v, or .mov. If you are using QuickTime to create and edit video content, export your videos by choosing Movie to iPod from the Export pop-up menu in QuickTime Pro.

Statement of Assurance
Review the ADE iTunes U Provider Agreement (will be discussed in the informational webinar) and sign and mail the statement of assurance by June 4, 2010, to Shelley Dirst, O.U.R. Cooperative, P.O. Box 610, Valley Springs, AR 72682.

Providing Content to Arkansas on iTunes U: Guidelines

Original Content and Permissions
All content must be original, and copyright guidelines must be followed. Creators must own or obtain the rights to everything within the productions (music, voices, etc.) – if you offer someone else’s copyrighted content available for download, you could be liable for copyright infringement. (Please note that Arkansas on iTunes U will not post commercially produced content.) Providers retain ownership of their tracks. We can certainly post tracks that are posted on other websites. Remember, all who appear in audio and video tracks must sign permissions / release forms.

What makes a strong educational track for iTunes U?
o    Focus: You strive to address an essential question and focus on a very specific topic that can be effectively conveyed within a 3 to 12 minute track.
o    Relevance: Your topic is of curricular importance and has significant educational value for students or educators across Arkansas and beyond.
o    Originality: Your track adds something new to what already exists on iTunes U. You have adhered to all copyright guidelines.  
o    Innovative Approach: You create effective, engaging tracks that make use of the podcasting media.
o    Professionalism: Your track has been carefully planned, recorded, and edited. Audio and video quality is consistent and clear.

Track Creation Options

•    Audio Tracks: These are high utility tracks because they require only the user’s ears and can be played while doing other activities. If a topic is being discussed that does not require visuals, an audio podcast format is all you need.
•    Enhanced Podcast/ Screencast: An enhanced podcast is an audio track that can display images simultaneously with audio. A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture, containing audio narration.
•    Video Podcasts: Tracks that require video editing and mixed media are more time consuming for the creator and therefore will be paid at a higher rate.

Some Audio Podcast Examples: Search for these on iTunes
•    Grammar Girl: This popular audio podcast provides short, conversational tips to improve your writing. Recent tracks include “Further versus Farther” and “Top 10 Grammar Myths.”
•    The Math Factor:  A brief, chatty, weekly math conversation with Fayetteville’s KUAF radio hosts that poses math puzzles.
•    How Wars End: This series produced by Public Radio International contains a series of reports about wars from Bosnia to the American Civil War that are intended to prompt the listener to reexamine this topic.

Enhanced Podcast / Screencast Example
•    Voicethread in the Classroom: An Arkansas teacher demonstrates how to use this free software and shows one way that she uses it in her English classroom. See on the Arkansas demo site at

Some Video Podcast Examples: Search for these on iTunes
•    Crayfish dissection: As part of a lab dissection series, the instructor introduces us to the live crayfish and then demonstrates the dissection of a preserved specimen.
•    The Chemistry of Artificial Sweeteners: This is one of a series of tracks produced by high school students. It includes expert interviews and a variety of images and video demonstrations. Search iTunes U.
•    Three Countries You Ought to Know About: The presenter uses video footage, images, maps, and narration to present information in an engaging and effective way.
•    The Forest Files: Explains the mechanics of forest operations by focusing on the details of water, air, and soil cycles.
•    Science Keys: Four-Minute University. See on the Arkansas demo site.
•    Fruit Vocabulary: A Spanish instructor teaches basic food vocabulary by making a fruit salad. See on the Arkansas demo site.


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