Nettleton EAST Using Technology to Create Art


Nettleton EAST Using Technology to Create Art
8/15/2013 4:55:40 PM

Students’ skills help families living with catastrophic illness.

June Morse, manager of Hope Circle, visited the EAST classroom recently to share information about the needs of her organization. Hope Circle provides hope, support and educational programs to families living with a catastrophic illness. Mrs. Morse’s presentation inspired EAST students to brainstorm ways they could assist the organization in accomplishing its goals. Students offered to create brochures, flyers, posters and videos using the technology available in their EAST classroom. One specific need was a video for the Triumph of the Human Spirit event that Hope Circle sponsors each year. 


Local artist Gima Jansen had created a print for Hope Circle entitled “Circles of Life” to be given to the honorees. EAST students Carly and Elizabeth volunteered to interview and videotapte Ms. Jansen as she described the copper engraving process used to create the print. Carly and Elizabeth filmed the footage, using several cameras to get different angles and points of view. Then they used Final Cut Pro to edit and publish the video. 


Carly was drawn to this project because of her love of art. She uses much of her EAST time creating artwork in Photoshop and other graphic design programs. She recently won first place and was awarded a scholarship for her artwork submitted to the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest. 


Elizabeth chose to be part of the project because of her personal enjoyment in creating short films. She has used her videography talents on several EAST projects and recently created a stop motion film to showcase NHS and NJHS EAST programs. Both students agree that being in EAST has provided the opportunity to expand their artistic interests into other mediums,using the technology available in the EAST setting.


In appreciation for the video created by Carly and Elizabeth, Mrs. Morse presented a Flex-Pod gripping tripod to the EAST classroom for use in future projects.




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