Rose Bud EAST Produces Radio Spots


8/15/2013 5:01:34 PM

Students create PSA reminders to “Monitor, Secure & Dispose” of prescription drugs.

Rose Bud High School EAST students recently completed two radio PSAs for the Region 3 Prevention Resource Center and the Office of Drug Director.

Many teens report that prescription drugs are easy to obtain from home medicine cabinets. The PSAs are reminders that to prevent drug abuse among teens, parents and other adults should "Monitor, Secure, & Dispose" of prescription drugs in the home.

The Office of the Drug Director has placed the PSAs on Sharepoint for all to use. PSAs are listed as Region 3 Radio Spot long and Region 3 Radio Spot short.

EAST students at Rose Bud have also completed a video, which will soon be added to Sharepoint along with the PSAs.

Congratulations to Rose Bud EAST on a very professional job concerning an important subject!


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