Special Students Helping Special Students


Special Students Helping Special Students
8/15/2013 5:03:00 PM

Prairie Grove Middle School EAST volunteers at Special Olympics.

On Saturday, April 10, 2010, thirteen members of the Prairie Grove Middle School EAST program traveled to Harmon Field on the Fayetteville High School campus to spend their day volunteering with patrons from the Special Olympics organization.

Student volunteers or "escorts" were trained by the organization’s director and were responsible for their assigned group of Olympians for specific events throughout the day. Events included several different relay races, long jump, disc throw, softball throw, tennis ball toss, wheelchair races, and timed walking events.

PGMS EAST student escorts walked hand in hand with their Olympian to each of their respective events; recorded their individual time in each event; walked them to the official records table to record their time, and then escorted their champion athlete onto the medal platform and watched as they received their well earned bronze, silver, and gold medals. Some EAST student escorts ran along side their athletes encouraging them to do their best, while others cheered from the sidelines as their Olympian ran past with a smile on their face and winning in their heart.

Every athlete walked away a champion from the day’s events and the EAST students made friends and memories that will change their lives forever.





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