It Can Happen in a Blink…If You Drink


It Can Happen in a Blink…If You Drink
8/15/2013 5:03:16 PM

Prairie Grove High School EAST sponsors pre-prom event to highlight dangers of drinking and driving.

It Can Happen in a Blink…If You Drink

That is the slogan on the t-shirts worn by the Ghosts at Prairie Grove High School for our first ever Ghost Out Day on April 8th. PGHS EAST sponsored this event in preparation in the days leading up to our high school prom. We wanted to give students a glimpse at the dangers of drinking and driving.

Jill and Dalton started working on making Ghost Out a reality at PGHS as soon as we got back from Conference. They were inspired by other EAST programs, especially Harrisburg EAST, and wanted to duplicate that success with our own project. With our Prom quickly approaching, we had a very short amount of time to get things going. The preparation included communicating with several local agencies and businesses, as well as the administration and staff at Prairie Grove High School. We used Adobe Photoshop to design the t-shirts, and we printed several posters to hang in the hallways with drinking and driving facts using our plotter printer. Students honed their organization skills by being responsible to coordinate so many people for one event.

Students began Ghost Out Day by viewing a mock accident scene involving four PGHS students. They got to see the Prairie Grove Fire Department respond to the wreck along with our Police Department, and an Arkansas State Trooper. Following the mock accident, one student was pulled from class every 20 minutes to become a ghost. During 6th period we held an assembly about the dangers of drinking and driving that included a mock funeral. Our goal with the assembly was to show students how precious their lives are. We wanted them to see how quickly and senselessly their lives can be taken when someone makes a poor choice like drinking and driving.

Even though Ghost Out is over for the year, we are not done wrapping it up. We have added photos from the event to our website,, and we are in the process of editing the footage we shot with our EAST video camera into a video using one of our iMacs.

For our very first try, on very short notice, we consider the day a success and are already planning ahead for next year. PGHS EAST would like to thank the Prairie Grove Fire Department, our school resource Officer Jeff O’brien, State Trooper Eric Schrock, Principal Ron Bond, Assistant Principal Joey Sorters, and all of the students and faculty of Prairie Grove High School for their support in making it such a meaningful day.





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