Aspiring Video Game Designer Gets Start in EAST Classroom


Aspiring Video Game Designer Gets Start in EAST Classroom
8/15/2013 5:03:33 PM

A video game designed by a Jacksonville Middle School student is a potential study tool.

Seventh-grade EAST student Jordan hopes to someday design games for a game console or PC, or even design a whole new game station. So creating an educational video game was a natural for him. Using Multimedia Fusion 2 software and enlisting classmates to help him test and design the features, he has created a game that could be used to study for a particular curriculum or a specific test — all while being fun at the same time.


He calls the game Trivia Ball, which is similar to the now classic “Breakout” style game in which the player must destroy bricks with a moving ball while trying to keep the ball in the field. This of course requires some skill, as well as eye-hand coordination, for increasingly-difficult levels of play. In Trivia Ball, at the end of each level, the player must correctly answer a trivia question to advance to the next level of difficulty. Questions are designed to send players to an atlas, encyclopedia or the internet to find the correct answer, thereby leading the player to learn something new while honing their video game skill.


Says Jordan, “If you have ever played Blaster Ball or other Blaster Ball spin-off games, you will agree the second level is harder than any you have seen on them.” Trivia Ball also contains a secret level, which Jordan hints is accessed through the most “unusual” level.


For more information on the game or the Jacksonville Middle School EAST program, contact facilitator Apple Kahler:



Photo: Game developer, Jordan, 7th grade


Photo: EAST students Aaron, 8th grade; Jordan 7th grade; Stephen, 7th grade


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