Lakeside EAST Delivers Jeans for Teens


Lakeside EAST Delivers Jeans for Teens
4/5/2010 8:43:34 AM

Stylish project combines recycling with giving.

Recycling and style have designs on each other! Two years running, Lakeside EAST students have conducted an on-going collection of gently used jeans. The jeans are then donated to Jackson House so they can provide clothing to teens and others in need.

The students used Photoshop to design awareness posters that were place strategically around the high school. Over 100 pairs of jeans were selected this year alone! This helps raise awareness in two ways: that recycling doesn’t stop with aluminum cans and plastic bottles, and that giving to others comes in many forms besides money.


PHOTO: Lakeside senior EAST students Allison and Megan and a Jackson House representative.




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