Centerpoint EAST Receives $10,000 Grant


8/9/2013 3:08:56 PM

Contribution by the Olds Foundation will provide computers to expand classroom’s video production capabilities.

The Centerpoint EAST program recently received a grant for $10,000 from the Olds Foundation in Amity. EAST facilitator Buddy Maxey wrote the grant, which will be used to purchase an Apple server and two Apple iMacs. The computers will be used to expand the lab's video production capabilities.

"This grant will enable us to store an enormous amount of video footage," EAST facilitator Nic Mounts said. "Our server will have 4TB of memory and the latest version of Apple's Final Cut Studio."

This is the third grant that the Olds Foundation has contributed to Centerpoint EAST. Together the grants total almost $100,000.

"The Olds Foundation has been a huge part of our success," Maxey said. "Without their generosity and support, we couldn't do the things that we do. They have been a tremendous help to our program."

The Centerpoint EAST progam is a part of the EAST Initiative based in Little Rock. EAST is a student-centered, community service-based class that allows students to choose their own projects and use teamwork—and in many cases—cutting-edge technology to complete them. Projects range from working in soup kitchens to filming community events.



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