Creston EAST Presents: Pounding It for the Pound


Creston EAST Presents: Pounding It for the Pound
2/24/2010 8:51:17 AM

Students support Creston animal shelter in series of projects.

During the relatively short lifespan of an EAST program in Creston, Iowa, there has been one constant...the unabashed love and affection for animals shown by the EAST students. Over the past few months the EAST classes have wrapped their fourth and fifth projects respectively geared to help our local animal shelter.

The project affectionately entitled "Pounding It for the Pound" was the brainchild of junior Shelby K. Before the beginning of the record-setting softball season for the Panthers (Hawkeye 10 Conference co-champions, a 31-5 overall record and a Top 10 ranking), Shelby solicited local business and individuals to make monetary pledges for every extra base hit (double, triple or home run) that the Panthers delivered during the season. Creston rapped a total of 52 doubles, eight triples and five homeruns during the 2009 campaign. All told, a total of $251.60 was raised through this project. Ideas are already in the works for receiving more pledges for a possible second installment of this project this season.

Not to be outdone, sophomore Gentry M. also embarked on a project to help the animal shelter as well. After witnessing firsthand the lack of comfortable beds available for dogs while perusing the pound website, Gentry decided to help make a difference and called the pound to see how she could help. After some old-fashioned door to door fundraising, she was able to collect nearly $200. With that money she purchased three medium-sized Kuranda Dog Beds for the pound.
In addition to the monetary fundraising on one Saturday morning this fall, Creston High School EAST students took time out of the busy schedule to help paint the animal shelter and surrounding areas. The efforts have not gone unnoticed as the classes have received letters and calls of praise from local officials.

Through the hard work and success of the aforementioned projects along with previous projects including “Hogs for Dogs,” “Dodging Balls for the Love of Animals,” and “ICARE” the EAST students have raised a total of $1,523.60 over the past two years for the Creston Animal Shelter.



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