Sylvan Hills EAST Visits New Audubon Center


Sylvan Hills EAST Visits  New Audubon Center
1/28/2010 11:02:06 AM

EAST recycling teams are first student group to visit new facility.

On January 27, 2010 the Sylvan Hills recycling teams were the inaugural student visitors to the new Audubon Center in Little Rock, which houses the Audubon state headquarters and a nature education center. The students are partnering with Audubon and Waste Management on the recycling efforts they are implementing in the Sylvan Hills Schools. 

After touring the new facility and hiking through the habitats, the students met in the new lab/conference area and enjoyed "Waste Free" lunches they brought with them. Not a single item needed disposal after lunch. They used stainless steel utensils, re-usable containers, cloth napkins and aluminum drink holders. Fruit cores and peels were composted.

The group then traveled to Two Pine Landfill and visited with the Engineering Director, David Conrad, about future plans for the Two Pine area.

Waste Management donated 80 new bins to aide the teams in expanding their recycling efforts to Sylvan Hills Middle and Elementary schools.



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