Rosa Parks Middle School EAST Students Complete 2nd Annual Toy Drive


Rosa Parks Middle School EAST Students Complete 2nd Annual Toy Drive
1/28/2010 10:40:13 AM

Toy drive project brings joy to both givers and receivers.

Four families in the our local community recently benefitted from the 2nd Annual Rosa Parks Middle School EAST Toy Drive. EAST students Maria, Sujey, Rebeca, Monica, and Deisy worked hard to complete a toy drive in an effort to help the community, while also learning some valuable lessons in organizing, managing, and serving.

The students brainstormed a plan and then put into action. They used email blasts, fliers and posters to publicize the toy drive, making sure that all communications had a universal theme. Most importantly, they showed enough determination to see the project through.

Our onsite community outreach group, Healthy Start, identified the local families most in need during the holidays, and made arrangements to have these families retrieve the gifts at our EAST classroom. Through their own efforts and help from Healthy Start, the students were able to both gather and distribute age appropriate gifts to several families.

Overall, the project was quite successful. The students hope to build on the project, and to help illuminate for the rest of the school the rewards of hard work, kindness and generosity. Finally, the young ladies hope, through their efforts, to help our school earn a monetary award through Red Robin's U-ACT foundation. We'll keep you posted!



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