Local EAST Program Restores Faith in Public Schools


Local EAST Program Restores Faith in Public Schools
1/13/2010 4:47:12 PM

Sharp County Justices of the Peace took a look at CCHS EAST and were impressed.

The Cave City High EAST student presented their EAST program and offered services to the elected Sharp county officials on December 21, 2009 during the county Quorum Court meeting. Cave City has the only EAST program in Sharp County at this time.

The students prepared and presented a visual presentation of their community service thus far during the 2009-2010 school year. Projects included: GPS work with FEMA; collaborating with local police to conduct a Halloween Safety seminar for Kindergarten students; organizing recognition ceremonies for local veterans through the Sharp County VFW; finger printing all Kindergarten students ; volunteering at the local Nursing Home; volunteering at the local Humane Society; and technological marketing for the local banks.

Justice of the Peace Bartus Allen, a retired schoolteacher and administrator said "This restores my faith in our public schools" as he listened to the EAST students present their community projects and offer EAST resources for the betterment of Sharp County. The other JP's nodded to show their agreement with Mr. Allen. President Tyler Tully narrated most of the meeting. Other officers present included Tyler Downs, Dalton Palmer, Teisha Bagwell, and Ashton Johnson.


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