Walk for the Dogs


Walk for the Dogs
1/12/2010 9:11:42 AM

Monticello Middle School 6th grade EAST holds WALK for the DOGS to benefit Humane Society.

Students who participated paid $1 to walk around the pond during their homeroom class, raising $200 for the Humane Society. Mandy Moss of the Humane Society attended and drew the winning name in a drawing for a Billie Basket, Clark Jarrett. The money raised will go towards caring for the dogs.


—Submitted by: Hannah


On behalf of the Humane Society of Southeast Arkansas, I would like to express my great thanks and appreciation for the students of 6th grade East. What an amazing group of students! So many their ages spend these holiday weeks thinking of all of the things they want and how they can obtain them, but these great students spent weeks developing a way to obtain gifts for others. The event was so well-organized; I was only expected to show up and watch the fun!


The money raised is so greatly appreciated. Animals who might not have been able to receive vet care now will have a chance to be healthy and adoptable pets. This money could go towards shots, spaying/neutering, dips, wormings, and countless other things as we wait to see what needs arise. What a shining example for all of Monticello!


Our organization is completely volunteer. We receive no payment for the work that we do, therefore donations to help pay for the needs of the animals we save are critical to continuing rescue. If you would like to follow in these amazing students footsteps, visit our website www.searkdogadoption.weebly.com and click on the "How Can I Help" tab.


—Response from Mandy Moss, Humane Society
























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