Har-Ber High School EAST will Launch Website for Shiloh Museum


Har-Ber High School EAST will Launch Website for Shiloh Museum
11/1/2010 8:42:12 AM

Students from Har-Ber EAST completed the first ever teen website in the state of Arkansas for the Shiloh Museum of Ozark History. The website will be ready to launch sometime in January 2010.

SPRINGDALE, Ark. (January 10, 2010) - Students from Har-Ber EAST have completed a teen friendly website titled "The Shiloh Loft" for the Shiloh Museum. Eight students worked on an EICP Grant this past summer to research and gather information about the museum in order to create an interesting site as part of a new teen website initiative.


During the fall semester students continued the project, gaining additional members and determining how to produce a functional website. Throughout the semester they planned, created and recreated the website to fit the needs of the museum staff, under the guidance of Ms. Pody Gay, Shiloh Museum Education Director. By creating this website the students have gained real life experiences, such as learning to work for a specific client.


On Monday, December 14, 2009 the group presented their final product to the museum staff. Through hard work and determination the students were successful in gaining staff acceptance of the new website design, receiving applause and appreciation for their efforts. Furthermore, the students succeeded in making the first ever teen website for a museum in Arkansas.


The site is scheduled to launch very soon. The museum will enter it into a national competition, which will not only benefit the museum, but also gain national recognition for the students' work. Pody Gay, Education Director of the Shiloh Museum - which is in Springdale, Arkansas - said, "The website far exceeded our expectations and we were extremely proud of the students".


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