Attention EAST Programs: Publish Student-Created Media on iTunes!


12/11/2009 12:16:24 PM

Publish student-created educational media for a global iTunes audience with ADE on iTunes U!

What is ADE on iTunes U?
ADE is one of the many universities, agencies, and cultural institutions to distribute educational media to the world through iTunes U. When the site goes live in early 2010, our course material will be available to all iTunes visitors — alongside content created by Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Oxford, Cambridge, MIT, PBS stations, and some of the most creative K-12 state projects in the country. Users will be able to search iTunes U for a specific topic and find podcasts housed in our collections.

Until the site is made public, you can access ADE on iTunes U at this link:

We need EAST students to become content providers for ADE on iTunes U!
EAST is the perfect partner to take the lead in creating digital media for students and teachers to download and use in the classroom and beyond. Showcase the creativity and innovation of EAST students, promote the value of digital media in learning, and highlight Arkansas communities and projects by publishing EAST student media. But hurry! We want to have EAST content in place when we launch for the public in early 2010.
Our first collection for students, titled Student Perspectives on History: Documentary Films, contains documentaries by EAST students. However, content can include anything from virtual tours and technical tutorials to content-area lessons about specific topics in design, music, core curriculum, etc. Please let me know if you have content that might be ready to publish.
Submissions should be in the form of an audio file (AAC, MP3 with the appropriate file extensions as .m4a, .mp3) or Video Cast (MPEG-4 with H.264 compression). Each track should not exceed 500 MB; however, you may divide content into a series of tracks.
To inquire about submitting to ADE on iTunes U digital media collections, please call 870-429-9136 or email

Thank you!

Shelley Dirst
ADE on iTunes U
O.U.R. Educational Service Cooperative
5823 Resource Drive
Harrison, AR  72601
Office: 870-429-9136
Cell: 870-416-8505




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