ELMA Training, Vision Building Workshop Held December 2-3


ELMA Training, Vision Building Workshop Held December 2-3
12/11/2009 9:47:36 AM

Matt Dozier, President and CEO of the EAST Initiative, and Tim Stephenson, Special Liaison for Program Support, conducted both events. Melanie Bradford of the Arkansas Department of Education presented startup funding opportunities at the Vision Building Workshop.


ELMA (EAST Logistics, Management, and Administration) is a one-day workshop to prepare and assist all levels of school staff to support their local EAST Programs. ELMA attendance is required for new EAST programs, Arkansas upgrade recipients, new building administration staff or career counselors.

?The Vision Building Workshop is an overview of the EAST Initiative and a chance for prospective member schools to meet EAST students and projects face-to-face. Participants also learn about startup funding available from the Arkansas Department of Education; attendance is required for participation in the Grant Program.??

Har-Ber EAST students greeted participants, documented the event through photos, and gave a tour of their classroom, sharing their projects with participants.







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