Creston EAST Presents: 70 Years of Creston History in Pictures


Creston EAST Presents:  70 Years of Creston History in Pictures
12/9/2009 10:05:53 AM

A video documentary produced by Creston EAST students was among the highlights of the Creston Chamber of Commerce's 70th anniversary banquet in the historic train depot.

Recently the Creston Chamber of Commerce celebrated their 70th anniversary of existence with a banquet in the historic train depot in downtown Creston. One of the highlights of the evening was a movie/documentary of the history of the Chamber of Commerce that was developed by EAST students Emily V. and Logan A.

The video showed the business development and evolution of the city of Creston throughout the past 70 years beginning in 1939 and ranging to businesses that have recently had their own ribbon cutting ceremonies. Also included in the video were other civic highlights including the first holiday lights parade in 1992, the CBS Morning News Special on Creston during the farming crisis in the 1980s, the annual Balloon Days celebration and much, much more.

In order to complete the project, EAST class members were able to go through the archives of old pictures and videos and convert the files and images into formats that could be digitally edited.

All in all the EAST students learned a great deal about the history of their city during the project and were happy to be an important part of the overall celebration.

1951 Downtown Creston



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