Nettleton and Brookland EAST Collaborate on Television Spots


Nettleton and Brookland EAST Collaborate on Television Spots
12/9/2009 8:28:31 AM

Brookland EAST students Justin, Trevor, and Gage visited Nettleton High School’s EAST classroom to discuss ideas for creating commercials for Channel 24.

Nettleton students, Mary and Rachel played their recent "Shop in Jonesboro" commercials for the students. NHS EAST student Drew also showed his illegal dumping video. The students discussed ideas for future videos and software that could possibly be used in their productions. Nettleton EAST student Rachel stated that she used Final Cut Pro to produce her video, while Mary used Windows Movie Maker for her production. Mary used both digital camera and a Sony video camera when capturing the footage and Rachel used a Canon FS200 when capturing her footage.


Nettleton students have been working with the City of Jonesboro for the last year to improve the public service announcements shown on Channel 24. The schools are looking forward to the opportunity to work together.






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