Brinkley Veterans Honored at Dinner


Brinkley Veterans Honored at Dinner
12/4/2009 9:05:05 AM

BHS EAST students held a dinner to honor area veterans for their service to their country. The dinner provided an opportunity to connect veterans with soldiers currently serving in Iraq through video.

Before and after the dinner, veterans were asked to send messages of encouragement and support to the members of the ‘Tough ‘Ombres', the 90th Infantry Division currently stationed in Iraq. The messages, along with additional ones from EAST, were used to make a DVD that will be sent to the division during the holidays.

EAST also used this opportunity to make a database of all veterans willing to take part in future projects such as a Veteran's Day assembly for the entire school. EAST I students Tony and Jordan were responsible for organizing the event. Other EAST students volunteered to set up , serve, and clean up after the dinner. EAST hopes to make this an annual event.



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