Har-Ber EAST Students Visit Central Junior High to Promote EAST


Har-Ber EAST Students Visit Central Junior High to Promote EAST
11/24/2009 8:17:35 AM

Har-Ber High School students spoke about the benefits of EAST at the Annual Academics to Career Expo at Central Junior High.

Springdale, Arkansas - Har-Ber High School is one of 24 schools in the Springdale School District and the only school within the district with an EAST Program. Every year at Springdale's Central Junior High, F.B.L.A hosts a Career Expo for local businesses to come to their school. Each business is invited to make a presentation regarding their particular career field. This year, Har-Ber EAST was invited and given the opportunity to promote EAST to the junior high students at the Career Expo. The Har-Ber EAST students spoke about what benefits the EAST program provides in Career preparation.

Central Junior High's Career Expo was planned to where Har-Ber EAST students would make two different presentations at the same time with eight rotations. Mrs. Lamb, our EAST facilitator, selected two groups of EAST students consisting of four and five EAST students to prepare the Career and EAST focus presentations. The students spoke to groups of 30 students, totaling 480 students in all.

Har-Ber students spoke about their personal experience in EAST as well as how life changing being in EAST really is. They also spoke about the many projects Har-Ber is doing this year and how each one has an impact on the school and/or community. At the end of each session EAST student Chase Stepp said, "Almost every student we spoke to was interested in being in EAST. It was amazing seeing how students wanted to be a part of a class that really does make a difference in the lives of others."

Left to Right: EAST students Derek, Craig, George and Abby speaking to a group of students about the kinds of careers being in EAST can give you. 

EAST student Cydney speaking to a group of students about the project Bridge Initiative and how homelessness is becoming a big issue in Northwest Arkansas.






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