The View


The View
11/10/2009 2:10:47 PM

EAST students enhance and preserve the view from Wonderview school with the help of VRDL.

In the small rural town of Hattieville, Wonderview school sits on the ridge of a beautiful overlook of the surrounding valleys.  EAST students have taken pictures and developed a three-dimensional picture of the top of our northernmost building. From this spot you can see for miles and miles, really explaining the school's name Wonderview. The school received its name for the "wonderful view" off of the mountain-side.

With the software of 3DVista Stitcher VRDL and the Virtual Reality Camera, the students created a photo for placement on the school's website. From this day forward, when a curious observer asks, "Why Wonderview?", the answer can be found on the school's website.


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