Germ City


Germ City
11/5/2009 8:26:23 AM

The Star City High School EAST Germ City Project is working to stop the spread of H1N1 and other bacterial illnesses.

The Germ City Project is currently one of the most active groups in the Star City High School EAST Lab. In response to the current flu outbreak, the group decided to focus on teaching flu prevention practices to the younger children in the community.

The team, which consists of Ashley, Candacee, and Emily, collaborated with Mrs. Jane Newton, the County Extension Agent-Family and Consumer Sciences, to help bring the germ city display to the third and fourth grade classes of Jimmy Brown Elementary School. The display is a presentation prop, used to engage children's thoughts through an interactive demonstration of the proper hand cleansing techniques. During the presentation, the children learn of the dangers of germs and bacteria, and are taught several methods of hand sterilization.

The team helped to stimulate involvement by using their graphic design skills and the Adobe Photoshop software to create posters that were displayed throughout the Jimmy Brown Elementary School.

The group hopes that by interactively teaching these children the importance of washing their hands, they will impact and lower the spread of the flu and other common bacterial illnesses during this year's flu and cold season. The Star City High School EAST Lab accredits much of the project's success to Mr. Paul Pickens, elementary school principle, and the third and fourth grade staff.

This project is just one more example of how the Star City High School EAST lab is helping to make a difference in the Star City community.









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